Sweet Vintage Japanese Kokeshi. Very Mid Century. Signed On Hat & Body


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This vintage kokeshi sports a fabric collar & obi rope. It is covered with messages/signature from the craftsman. This is a “sosaku” type kokeshi doll that has a creative flair not usually seen in traditional Japanese kokeshi. Please see photos. Dimensions (centimetres): 9 x 5.5 x 5.5 A kokeshi is a wooden doll made on a lathe. Its history dates back to the end of the Edo period & it was first sold as a souvenir to tourists visiting hot springs in the Tohoku region. They are exchanged amongst friends with written messages stored within them as tokens of friendship. The woods used for kokeshi vary, with cherry used for its darkness & dogwood for its softer qualities. Itaya-kaede, a Japanese maple, is also used in the creation of both traditional & creative dolls. The wood is left outdoors to season for one to five years before it can be used- Wikipedia Signs of aging such as paint loss, crazing of the paint or varnish, whitening of varnish, scratches & dents are common to these dolls. Unfortunately, the more paint colors used, the thicker the paint & the thicker the paint, the greater chance for the paint to dry out & chip. That is why when a doll has chipping, it always seems to be in the most artistically designed areas. Condition issues exceeding normal wear & tear will be so noted. Suggestions for the care of Japanese Kokeshi & woodwork. – Display out of the path of direct sunlight – As with textiles, the colors that will fade first are the blues , greens, & purples – Do not touch with wet hands or let the item come in contact with water – Keep dust free. Use of a soft natural bristle brush works well. – Spots can sometimes be removed with a pencil eraser. Use caution. Test in an inconspicuous place. Sweet Vintage Japanese Kokeshi. Very Mid Century. Signed On Hat & Body