Tantalum Ring, Polished Blue Grey Pure Wedding Band 7mm


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Tantalum Wedding band These beautiful bands will last – & stand the test of time. 7mm width These listings are for specific sizes that are available or I have the materials for. Other sizes are available but the raw material has gone up considerably so unfortunately there will be a price increase. Please ask for details So what is Tantalum & why is it a perfect ring material? Tantalum is a grey coloured metal with a touch of blue slightly darker that Platinum. It’s extremely rare – much rarer than Gold or Platinum & it’s believed that there’s only about 50 years’ worth of tantalum left. It is a tough, durable metal that won’t scratch or damage easily. It also doesn’t tarnish, corrode or shatter, making it perfect for people who use their hands a lot for work, or deal with chemicals. As it doesn’t conduct heat & is hypoallergenic & bio-compatible it’s very comfortable to wear. Tantalum also doesn’t need any special care to keep it lustrous & clean. Tantalum Ring, Polished Blue Grey Pure Wedding Band 7mm