The Ahava/Love Peony Symphony Ketubah


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This Floating Floral Ketubah crowns a detailed, intricate & unfurling chrysanthemum floating above the text. This visual harvest invites associations of blossoming, nature & beauty. The flowers gentle pastel pink colour palette is complemented by & rendered through detailed & intricate brush work of the petals & the choreography between these dancing & awakening forms. in this way, the lace veil visually & conceptually supports the bridal & floral associations of the Ketubah design itself. The hymn “אני לדוד ודודי ליי ” translating as ” I am my Beloved’s & my Beloved is mine” is the most celebrated sentence from Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs 6:3), written by King Solomon as a romantic declaration between husband & wife. Wrapping around the flower, it echoes the shape of an enclosure to foreshadow the future home that will be created by the union of these two souls becoming one. Furthermore this psalm evokes the intrinsic commitment, care & responsibility mutually undertaken by soul mates’ in their journey through life’s garden. Textual Options: A variety of Ketubah texts are offered including: Orthodox Progressive / Egalitarian Reform (Hebrew & English) Interfaith / Alternative (Hebrew & English) Interfaith / Alternative (English) Birkat Habayit / Blessing for the Home Custom (requires you to send a PDF) Alternatively, you are welcome to craft & compose your own English text which I can float above the artwork for you. Translations of this to Hebrew start at $80.00 AUD Ketubah Ordering Procedure: 1.To order, please select the Ketubah size you desire & add the Ketubah to cart. 2.Once you have placed the order, please message me your preferred text type from the options offered (mentioned above). Alternatively if you already have the text, please send a PDF to my email at ttfcreations [!at] 3.In “Note to Seller”, please provide any further information as well as your email address & phone number for me to contact you. 4.I will then send you a digital proof for you & your Rabbi to review & confirm. It is highly recommended that the Ketubah text is read through by the officiating Rabbi / Celebrant. 5.Once you reply citing that the digital proof is approved for printing, it will be printed & shipped to the address you provide. Please note, the customer is responsible for proof reading this text before approving it for print. Once this preliminary approval has been granted the costs for any subsequent changes or reprints lie with the customer. Archival Artisan Print Quality: All artwork is printed by Australia’s Premier Fine Art Print Studio. These exhibition quality artisan Giclée premium prints use a high grade archival pigment ink set paired with a twelve colour managed production process. The fine art paper is a beautiful watercolour textured 330gsm Ilford Galerie Prestige Gold Cotton selection. Pricing: Pricing is quoted in Australian Dollars as we are an Australian based business. Etsy will automatically covert the price