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Thread by Thread | Special Ikat Handwoven cotton dupatta , very beautiful handmade work made by master craftsmen of India . Dimensions: 90 Width X 234 Length in Centimetres ( approx ) Please Note: This garment is handmade & might carry certain irregularities that are part of its unique charm. About Ikat : Ikat fabric has been practiced in India, Indonesia, Japan & other South-East Asian countries for millennia. This form of textile production is also popular in Central & South American countries like Argentina, Bolivia & Mexico. The most coveted double ikat woven fabrics come from Guatemala, India, Japan & Indonesia. It is interesting to note that every Ikat Weaving group has its own distinct patterns, styles & choices of colour The term “ikat” refers to the dyeing technique used to create the designs on the fabric. It is a resist dyeing process, where bundles of yarn are tightly wrapped together & then dyed as many times as is required to create the desired pattern. This dyeing process is different because the yarns are dyed before being woven into cloth. in most of the other resist-dyeing techniques, like batik for example, it is the final cloth & not the yarn, that’s dyed. Once the yarns have been suitably dyed & dried, the weaver lines them up on the loom to form the pattern. The design takes form as the yarn is woven into cloth. This is an incredibly complicated process, as the weaver has to precisely dye the threads, & place them correctly so it forms the correct pattern when woven. Just to reiterate how hard this is… in order to replicate a pattern, the weaver would have to dye the thread in exactly the same place as before & line it up on a loom in exactly the same place & then they’d have to weave it exactly the same way. – Please Note: We are using insured shipping services for all our packages now, Shipping time varies from country to country, but we will do our best for you – Dry clean & cold water wash are the best recommendations for the fabrics. – Any further queries feel free to write us here or at vastraindia141 @ – Wish you a beautiful day. Thread By | Special Ikat Handwoven Cotton Dupatta