Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk Hand Painted Hawk & Dragon Wrap


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This is a gorgeous wrap made from panels of a vintage boys ceremonial kimono, it would have been only worn to special occasions or events. I received it as a whole kimono & carefully took it apart. This wrap is made from the very gorgeous back center panel & one sleeve. The silk has been hand dyed then hand painted. There is a Hawk, which drapes across the back, & a dragon, drapes down the front shoulder. The Hawk represent courage, strength & the ability to fly high & soar. The dragon symbolizes balance, freedom & good luck. The colors & design of this wrap is simply gorgeous! I’ve paired this ceremonial kimono silk with a solid deep purple vintage kimono silk. There is a tiny woven floral design that catches light. The color looks gorgeous with the sage green & teal of the reverse. The highlights on the Hawk & dragon are a deep brown & a perfect match with the purple. I have hand laundered both panels but recommend dry cleaning in the future. It measures 12 1/2 inches x 72 inches. Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk Hand Painted Hawk & Dragon Wrap