Vintage Lace Dress White Double-Layered By Defunct Boutique Brand Coco Street 1980S 1990S Midi-To-Maxi Custom/Bespoke S M Small L Restored


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Vintage Coco Street Clothing handmade double layer lace dress. One of the most divine frocks I’ve ever seen or had the pleasure of owning! The only one of this dress that I’ve ever come across, to boot. & lovingly, fully restored! One of a kind, bespoke/custom-made. I wonder who the frock’s original owner was & what she had the dress made for: perhaps an engagement, or even as her wedding dress? A christening or graduation? Or just to swan about in, ethereal & spiritedly boho? 80s brand of custom items, since defunct, sadly. Tags state: Coco Street Clothing Design, dry clean only, polyester (lace overlay), cotton (majority of the rest of the dress, including underlay), & This garment features sewing by hand & is exclusive to Coco Street Clothing. Doesn’t matter which pics I upload, none will do this dress justice. Beautiful & fine enough for a wedding dress, so long as you don’t mind the mends: I bought this frock in such a state of disrepair! It was, frankly, shredded to bits on purchase (but still very expensive, being so very rare). It took me two days of careful, painstaking handstitching to mend the many, many runs/holes/tears. This sounds much, much worse than it is: if you don’t know the mends are there, you won’t see or otherwise be aware of them as they do not pull or pucker the shape up or change the overall design at all. Please review the last photo carefully, in particular: it shows one of the mends. The others are like this & mostly fall on just one area of the dress, on the left, near the side seam, about 2/3 of the way down the skirt part. DO NOT buy this frock without acknowledging the last photo & accepting that the overlay required hand-mending by me. I am not a professional; however I hand-mend, machine-sew, crochet & knit so am handy with a needle & thread & did as good a job mending this frock as a professional would have (they probably would have tried machine-darning rather than hand-darning the tears. Quicker, yes, & a lot less fuss, but nowhere near as ‘clean’ or careful). So the lace layer, or overlay, definitely has scars. It is NOT “perfect”. But said scars disappear into the pattern of the lace as well as the swing of the skirt, which flares out from under the waist ever-so-sweetly. Honestly, I cannot see the mends when frock is worn, at all. Doesn’t mean you won’t though, so do please bear in mind that this dress has been modified & is sold AS IS. Collector’s item, hence price. Could go in a museum, easily, though I suppose since it only dates back to the 1990s or 1980s – though I am reasonably sure it’s 1980s – it might not yet be ‘antique enough’ for the like. The tag does NOT specify “Made in Australia”. However, I am familiar with this tiny boutique brand, having indeed been around during the 80s & 90s & know that their brand was made in Melbourne, Australia. I do wonder why Coco Street closed down; always sad when tiny brands go belly up or their designers/dressmakers retire. I love me a Lady Startup:) Size: