Vintage Silver Pedestal Shabby Chic Centrepiece Decor


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Vintage Silver Pedestal Shabby Chic Centrepiece Decor. My shop logo is Vintage – Reimagined & Repurposed, & this is a perfect example. This piece was obviously the bottom half of something…something to do with dining/serving I would guess. There are little rivets on the outer edge that poke out, where the removable ‘lid’ or ‘dome’ would’ve been. So now it’s a gorgeous olde worlde ‘silver pedestal’. in the centre of the ‘pedestal’ is a dip about the size of a soup bowl. Perfect for putting a little saucer inside to sit a pot plant on. If I had a fern…that fern would be on that silver pedestal of awesomeness – giving off Victorian era vibes. Or I see it on a bathroom counter top – piled up with luxe soaps – that’s fancy…your friends come over – they’re going to think that’s very fancy & they’ll want to copy you. Use it to put your house keys/car keys in..use it as a table centrepiece with dried flowers or potpourri, fat candle. Stamped on the bottom EPNS A1. I very lightly gave it up bit of a clean & polish, but there is room for more shiny gleaming silver if you wanted to do that. I am leaving it as is for those who are not opposed to a bit of tarnish. Top Diameter: 24.4cm/9.6″ Base Diameter: 9.5cm/3.7″ Height: 13.5cm/5.3″ Weight: 645g Posting: Track & Trace Vintage Silver Pedestal Shabby Chic Centrepiece Decor