Wine Solid Chiffon Fabric By The Yard/Sheer Soft Polyester Wholesale Price


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Wine Solid Chiffon Fabric By The Yard / Soft Sheer Fabric / Polyester Chiffon Fabric Sold by the Yard at Wholesale Price Content: 100% Polyester Dimensions: 60″ Width, 0.20mm Thickness Weight: 3.6oz Per Yard Stretch: 1% Mechanical Stretch Make your dream dress with our Soft Polyester Wine Chiffon Fabric. This Sheer Fabric is lightweight & constructed from synthetic materials. If you want a flowing wedding dress, chiffon is the best fabric choice for you! Solid Color Sheer Silky Smooth Polyester Chiffon Fabric has a transparent appearance that can also be layered over another part of the gown to create a stunning dress that looks elegant, flowing, & graceful. Its airy structure makes it a perfect option for spring & summer weddings, while its weightless appearance lends itself to delicate silhouettes & goddess styles. Chiffon on its own can transform the look of a dress, giving it a graceful & sensual look. Attributes ● Breathable, soft & flowy ● Perfect for Face Mask ● Easy to wash & clean ● Polyester Chiffon is a beautiful fabric to make all types of dresses ● Comfortable to wear ● It has a beautiful drape which makes it famous for evening gowns ● Strong & smooth texture ● It will add volume to the dress ● Sold by the Yard at wholesale price Best Uses of Polyester Chiffon Fabric 1. Evening Gowns Wedding Dresses Solid Chiffon Fabric has a beautiful drape & shimmery appearance that make it a popular choice for evening wear, wedding dresses, & high fashion dresses. 2. Scarves & Sashes Polyester Chiffon fabric is the best choice for women accessories, a lightweight scarf & sash for wear with wraps, dresses, & jackets. 3. Blouses & Skirt Chiffon is the flowy & lightweight & best option for summertime blouses & skirts. 4. Home & Event Decor Polyester Chiffon Fabric is ideal for home & event décor. Its flowy appearance makes it an excellent decorative choice. We provide FREE SHIPPING. Shipping usually takes about 3-5 days. Please note, transit time may vary depending on your location. Wine Solid Chiffon Fabric By The Yard/Sheer Soft Polyester Wholesale Price