Wwii Era Hand Embroidered Wedding Purse With Original Box & Written Note


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I’ve learnt a lot from this purse that I purchased with its original box & the original letter from the woman who purchased it probably around WWII era. It is really a piece of history & belongs in a museum but it’s also a wonderful wedding heirloom that comes with its own history. The purse is 7″ wide. I will leave it to the purchaser to wash if they choose to do so. I have sold a few of these in the past & thought they were made of linen flax, but in fact as the note describes it is made of pineapple fibre. Amazing. Excellent condition. Beautifully made & hand embroidered. I have transcribed the note that was sent with the purse when it was first purchased. “Sir, I hope you like this little pocket book. It’s hard to find anything around here for gifts that doesn’t cost a fortune. I like it, I want one before we leave here. I’ll try to tell you something about it. It is hand made, embroidery & all. The material is a local material called ‘Pina’, pronounced ‘pin-ya’ – the ya is pronounced like you make it rhyme with Wa. The material is made from pineapple fibre. They have other materials here that look a bit like this that are made from coconut fibre & one that is made from rice. I’ll try to bring some of all of it home. Helen. P.S This pocket book can be washed. Just take the thread out around the edge, slip the cover off & wash & iron it. It is supposed to look prettier with every washing.” Wwii Era Hand Embroidered Wedding Purse With Original Box & Written Note