Zari Bakhmal


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Beautiful zari bakhmal kochi dress comes with Adjustable belt. Suitable for size small-Medium This stunning handmade vintage dress is originated from the Kuchis in khost province (Afghanistan) A lot of time & effort has been taken in the making of this beautiful dress. This lovely dress also comes with pants & scarf the colour of your choice. After placing your order Please do leave us a message to choose the colour of your pants & scarf. These vintage, unique designer’s pieces are handmade so please bear in mind that they may not be ‘perfect. We do our best to make imperfections detailed but some small flaws may go unnoticed. Pictures are taken by my self so you will receive the exact same product which is shown in the picture. For more information please leave a message here or on our Instagram @kochi_design_boutique PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER WHEN YOU ORDER FROM US. Zari Bakhmal