5 Shades of Purple Wedding Color Ideas

Purple is a versatile wedding color with many popular hues suitable for winter, summer, fall or spring weddings. Consider the season you will marry when selecting shades of purple and coordinating other colors with it. Its wide range provides options for delicate spring or sophisticated winter color schemes: periwinkle, lavender, orchid, heliotrope, plum, mulberry, magenta, violet, indigo. Select a main shade of purple and other complementary hues for attendants’ flowers and for accents at your ceremony and reception sites.Here we’re just going to talk about 5 shades of purple wedding colors.

1. Lavender

shades of purple rustic lavender wedding color ideas

2. Mauve

mauve and berry fall wedding color ideas

3. Orchid

shades of purple orchid spring wedding color palettes

4. Plum

plum and seafoam green wedding color ideas

5. Shades of Purple

shades of purple bridesmaid dresses for rustic weddings

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