42 Backyard Wedding Ideas on A Budget for 2021


For couples who love the outdoors and want a uniquely intimate feel for their big day, backyard weddings will be a perfect choice. There are so many benefits to a backyard wedding, including cost and convenience and there are so many stylish ways you can create a backyard wedding on a budget without cutting corners. What’s more, backyard weddings can be any wedding style you want in different settings.

No matter how you style your backyard wedding, nature is always a good source of inspiration — you are outdoors, after all! If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, check out these great ideas for backyard weddings and get inspired.

Reception Table Settings

When it comes to ideas for backyard weddings, reception table settings are home to the majority of your decor and really set the mood when it comes to your wedding reception.

Especially when it comes to backyard weddings, your reception table setting doesn’t need to be extravagant, especially if you’re trying to lower your backyard wedding cost. There’s a lot of companies that do backyard rentals for weddings, so it’s important to do your research to find the rental company that has what you’re looking for. Alternatively, folding tables with table cloths also do the trick just as nicely!

Below we’ve included a wide range of inspiration that all follow similar themes of light, airy, whimsical, with little touches of rustic and greenery, which play nicely with the backyard wedding theme and is definitely doable for a backyard wedding on a budget. backyard outdoor wedding reception ideas

outdoor vineyard wedding reception ideas

chic rustic backyard wedding reception ideas

chic backyard wedding reception ideas

budget friendly backyard wedding reception ideas

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backyard wedding reception decoration ideas with string lights

backyard tented wedding reception ideasSergey Lapkovsky Photography

Oh Best Day Ever Reception Recommendations

Cosco Deluxe 6 Foot Folding Table

Cosco Deluxe 6 Foot Folding Table 

With just the addition of a tablecloth and some additional decor, folding tables are an easy way to save a bit of money on your big day, and no one will be able to tell the difference!

Craft and Party Premium Table Cloth 

Craft And Party Premium Polyester Tablecloth

The perfect partner for your folding table, this polyester white linen looking table cloth has well over 3,000, 5-star ratings, and is perfect for weddings, parties, and banquets!

Soyee Artificial Eucalyptus Garland

Soyee Artificial Eucalyptus Garland 12FT

Garland is a popular way to take your reception table to the next level. Real flowers can be incredibly expensive and a lot of fake flower options look incredibly real. This Artificial Eucalyptus Garland is great not only for your reception table but for arches, around ceremony chairs, and throughout your backyard wedding venue.

wedding eucalyptus

Cocktail Tables

There’s a lot you can do with just a simple tablecloth. We’ve found countless examples of what a simple linen table cloth over a cocktail table can turn a boring metal table into a statement piece. If you’re worried about your backyard wedding cost, this is a great, simple way to create an elegant look without spending much money at all.

Cocktail tables are great to have around your backyard wedding, even if you’re not necessarily having a sit-down dinner. It’s a great conversational place and encourages people to grab some food, a drink or two, and mingle with your guests. Most companies also have cocktail tables that are specifically for backyard rentals for weddings, so finding cocktail tables for your backyard wedding, shouldn’t be much of a hassle at all and definitely suitable for a backyard wedding on a budget.

Alternatively, Amazon also has a range of cocktail tables that are pretty affordable as well.

backyard wedding cocktail table decoration ideas

backyard wedding cocktail table ideas

backyard wedding cocktail table with lantern decorations

chic rustic wedding cocktail table

chic backyard wedding reception cocktail table ideas

outdoor wedding cocktail table ideas

rustic wedding cocktail table ideas

Oh Best Day Ever Cocktail Table Recommendations

Lovwy 30″ Cocktail White Table Cloth

OVWY 30 Inch (2.5 FT) Cocktail White Tablecloth Seamless Polyester Fabric + Silver Satin Sash Combination for Decoration of Wedding Engagement Club Bar Outdoor Party

This Lovwy Cocktail White Table Cloth is a simple and affordable way to recreate the photos above. For just over $15, you can pick a variety of different colors and shades to match your existing wedding color scheme.

Pearington 2-Pack Cocktail Tables

Pearington Santina 2 Pack Round Bar and Pub Table, Black

If you’re not looking to rent your cocktail tables, Amazon has some great, affordable options. Especially if you’re looking to reuse them for future parties and events, cocktail tables are a good investment.

Food & Drinks

Backyard weddings have a casual and rustic vibe to them. They’re not only appealing to those who are looking to save a bit of money in their backyard wedding cost, as they are a lot more affordable than a traditional wedding venue, but also the intimacy and casual nature of them. It’s a vibe that everyone feels comfortable with, it’s not too formal, and a place for all guests to have an amazing time.

When it comes to weddings, food is no doubt one of the things couples focus on the most. You want your guests to be having a great time and eating delicious food.

When it comes to ideas for backyard weddings, you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to food and drinks. Want to have an “open bar” with simply displaying the drinks for people to take – you can! Want to serve delivery pizza – you can! Want to have a full catered meal from a 5-star restaurant – you can!

That’s the beauty of backyard weddings, you’re really not limited to what you can do when it comes to food and drinks and you can completely customize it so that it’s still a backyard wedding on a budget. backyard wedding reception food and drinks

DIY popcorn bar for backyard wedding receptions

country wedding reception ideas

backyard wedding reception ideas

backyard wedding food ideas pizza

backyard wedding drink station

backyard wedding drink station ideas

Oh Best Day Ever Food and Dining Recommendations

Rosvun Stainless Steel Food Warmers

ROSVUN Upgraded Stainless Steel Chafing Dish Buffet Silver Round Catering Warmer Set

Especially when it comes to hot food, these Rosvun Stainless Steel Food Warmers provide a catered look but can have anything in them including the food you made at home!

Holtz Paulownia Wood Stand

Holtz Paulownia Pedestal with Metal Legs, Wood Stand for Cakes, Candles, Plants, Decor

Especially if you’re going to a more rustic, backyard theme, this wood-style cake stand is absolutely perfect and one of our favorites finds on Amazon. It’s great for displaying your wedding cake, but also great for other desserts, decor, or appetizers.

10 Pack Mini Chalk Boards

10 Pack Mini Chalkboards Signs with Easel Stand, Small Rectangle Chalkboards Blackboard

Mini chalkboards are a great way to write details about the food, specify what each dish is, or allergies as well. For under $10 you can get this 10 pack of great quality mini chalkboards on Amazon.

Mini Chalkboards Wedding