Top 10 Winter Wedding Color Ideas for 2021

Okay, so the hard part is over—you’ve decided when you want to get married and maybe you’ve even booked a venue. Good work! And if I may say, a winter wedding is an excellent choice. The season is so underrated! First of all, it’s a naturally romantic time of year. From the lights twinkling in the trees to all the opportunities to cozy up next to your lover on those cold, cold nights, it’s impossible not to feel all kinds of smitten. There was a reason Lorelai Gilmore said snow was like catnip, people!

Winter weddings are also the epitome of glam. It doesn’t get more elegant than dramatic outerwear, cocktails by the fireplace, horse-drawn carriages, and dinners by candlelight. And you probably already know this, as you picked the date yourself, but I’m willing to bet your big day will feel even more special because it won’t be sandwiched between a million summer nuptials. Check out these gorgeous winter wedding colors and get inspired.

Sage, Burgundy and Blush
The combo of pinks and dark green creates a cozy vibe that’s perfect for an indoor or an outdoor winter wedding. Think of sage as your base, while the pink can serve as the pop (in your flowers, centerpieces, and cake topper) that ties it all together.
sage burgundy and blush wedding color ideas

Shades of Blue and White
Play up the hues of a snowy night with soft blue as your focal point and pair it with white accents. Your bridesmaids will look both elegant and understated in the muted tone, and you have the flexibility to dress your groomsmen in the same palette since it won’t be super loud.
shades of blue and white winter wedding color ideas

Black and Gold
If you’re planning to get married on New Year’s Eve, listen up, because you should seriously consider black and gold as your theme. The luxurious combo will make your guests feel like they’re at a party at Gatsby’s mansion.
black and gold wedding color ideas

Gray and Pale Blue
Personally, I’m obsessed with these winter jewel tones. Opt for bejeweled bridesmaid dresses, chandelier-inspired centerpieces, and a glitter-frosted cake. Oh, and a sparkler send-off to close out the night is a must.
gray and pale blue winter wedding color ideas

Emerald and Neutrals
Bright green gives your day a verdant feel, even if you’re saying “I do” in the dead of winter. It’s a bold color, so everything from the bridesmaid dresses to the napkins will stand out. Balance out the rich emerald with neutral accents to make sure the spotlight stays on you.
emerald green and neutrals winter wedding color ideas

Copper and Greenery
If you want to go bold, pair these shades of green to create a winter wonderland. The copper is so appropriate given the season and can create the feeling that you’re celebrating inside a snow globe.
copper and greenery wedding color ideas

Photo credits: Ruffled | Junebug Weddings | Twinkle & Toast | Knots Villa | Polka Dot Bride | Instagram | Style Me Pretty

Top 10 Winter Wedding Color Ideas for 2019 & 2020

When start planning a wedding, what’s the first thing you have to think about? For me it’s wedding colors, which can set the basic tone of the big day, and reflect the colors of season. Then everything else can be prepared to match with the colors including wedding invitations, wedding decorations and even cakes. Deciding a wedding color is really tough on the other hand and today we’re talking about winter wedding colors. If you’re planning a winter wedding, it’s very important to gravitate towards the season’s signature hues and add some personality to your day as well, and there’s so many more festive colors than just red and green. With that in mind, I’ve created some winter wedding color palettes here. Check these whimsical winter wedding color ideas out and get inspired.

Copper and Green
copper and greenery winter wedding color ideas

Navy Blue and Greys
dark navy and greys winter wedding color ideas

Dark Teal and Brown
dark teal and brown rustic winter wedding color ideas

Shades of Blue
shades of blue winter wedding color ideas

Mauve and Grey
mauve and grey winter wedding color ideas

Burgundy and Blush
burgundy and blush wedding color ideas

Photo Credits: Martha Stewart Weddings | Fab Mood | Wedding Omania | Junebug Weddings | The Bohemian Wedding | Instagram | Green Wedding Shoes | Style Me Pretty | Wedding Venues

20 Inspiring Winter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

So who’s planning a winter wedding? What’s your winter wedding theme? Today we’re talking about winter wedding centerpieces. Classical floral wedding centerpieces are great ideas, and why not adding some pretty winter touches to them? I really love baby’s breath for a winter wedding centerpiece and they remind me of snowflakes. Some candles with greenery surrounded and designed in an entire composition will give your guests the feeling of comfort and coziness and depending on the composition you may make the setting more or less official. When adding some red and green, it will add some fun and remind of coming Christmas. Here’re I’ve rounded up some great winter wedding centerpieces. Check them out and get inspired.

With Candles & Greenery
winter wedding centerpieces with greenery and candles

winter wedding centerpiece ideas

winter wedding centerpiece ideas with pinecone

greenery and candles winter wedding centerpiece

greenery and candles winter wedding centerpiece ideas

chic winter wedding table setting ideas

chic rustic winter wedding centerpiece with candle and greenery

candles winter wedding centerpiece ideas

boho chic winter wedding centerpiece ideas

Red & Green
Christmas themed winter wedding centerpiece ideas

winter wedding centerpiece ideas with red and green colors

winter rustic wedding table settings

rustic winter wedding centerpiece ideas

red and green winter wedding centerpiece

red and green winter wedding centerpiece with candles

Christmas themed winter wedding centerpiece

Winter/Holiday Elements
winter themed wedding centerpiece ideas

winter holiday wedding centerpiece ideas

silver and white winter wedding centerpiece

rustic winter wedding centerpiece ideas with candles

holiday winter wedding centerpiece

DIY pinecone winter wedding centerpiece

baby's breath winter wedding centerpiece ideas with candles

Photo Credits: Meredith Graves Photography | Wedding Forward | A Practical Wedding | Junebug Weddings | Rustic Wedding Chic | Brides | Wedding Omania | Deer Pearl Flowers

32 Whimsical Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas You’ll Love


Cozying up by a fire, ice skating, and intimate walks after the first snow—winter is filled with memorable moments, and a winter wonderland wedding is a perfect excuse to add a few dreamy, romantic touches to your ceremony and reception décor.

If you’ve been scrolling through countless winter wedding photos trying to figure out the right style for your winter wedding, we’ve all been there! Especially when it comes to a winter wedding, they’re not as popular so it can be harder to find inspiration when it comes to flowers for winter wedding, winter wedding venues, and even what your dress should look like for your winter wedding.

Just because it may be a little more difficult to plan a winter wedding, doesn’t mean it’s not well worth the extra research and effort. Winter weddings are absolutely stunning and magical and getting more popular every single year.

Below, we’ve included a variety of different winter wedding photos to give you some inspiration when it comes to planning your perfect winter wedding.

When It comes to my ideal winter wedding, I think things like incorporating evergreen branches and pine cones into your centerpieces and place settings for a rustic affair, or opting for elegant chandeliers and candles for an inviting glow are great things to incorporate in your winter wedding.

If you’re looking to plan your dream winter wedding, scroll through our other winter wedding photos to continue to get inspired.

Lights and Candles

Lighting is one of the most important aspects when it comes to setting the mood. Candles especially, and warm-toned lights can create a magical, romantic ambiance in your winter wedding.

Looking through winter wedding photos, we found a few common themes when it comes to lights and candles. Stringing market lights around low, twisting limbs to add a wintery twinkle to nature and candle lights can make your day more romantic.

Incorporating lanterns and white candles help to compliment the snow color, yet bring a nice, cozy feel at the same time.
winter wedding decoration ideas with lights and candles

winter wedding decoration ideas with greenery and candles

winter wedding decoration ideas with candles

wedding venue decoration ideas with glowing candles and lanterns

wedding decoration ideas with floating candles

wedding decoration ideas with floating candles and garlands

wedding decoration ideas with candles and garlands

rustic wedding decoration ideas with candles

lantern winter wedding decoration ideas with candles and lights

Brides | Wedding Venues | Rock My Wedding | Deer Pearl Flowers

Oh Best Day Ever Candle and Lighting Recommendations

Antizer Flameless Candles – Pack of 9 

Antizer Flameless Candles Led Candles Pack of 9

If you’re looking to set and then forget it when it comes to mood lighting, these flameless candles are the perfect option for your winter wedding. This set comes with 9 different height candles with a warm glow setting, along with a variety of other settings. With flameless candles, you’re able to get that romantic setting without worrying about people knocking over the candles or them burning out.

Lights4fun Black Lanterns  

 Lights4fun, Inc. Set of Two Black Metal Battery Operated LED Flameless Candle

Lanterns are an incredibly popular decor piece not only for winter weddings but for all weddings. What’s great about lanterns is that it’s something you can use year-round after your wedding in your home and on your front porch. This set comes with two, different size black metal lanterns that can suit just about any winter wedding style. The amazing thing about these lanterns? They include flameless candles as well!

Magictec 300 LED Curtain String Lights

Magictec 300 LED Curtain String Light, 8 Lighting Modes Fairy Twinkle String Lights Wedding Party

If you’re looking to add a bit of magic to your winter wedding, curtain twinkle lights are a simple and affordable way to do so. These high-quality twinkle lights let off the most beautiful warm glow and are perfect for filling up a walkway, blank wall, or entrance.

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Pine Cones

Pine cones are something that screams rustic, winter wedding. If you browse on Pinterest at winter wedding photos, you’re bound to see a lot of pine cones as centerpieces, table settings, or even incorporated in the flowers for winter weddings. Add pine cones and an assortment of berries to bring your decorations, even in the depths of winter.

Adding pine cones is not only a beautiful and simplistic to decorate, but it’s also an affordable way as well. You can find bundles of pine cones available at craft stores and Amazon today that are natural-looking, frosted with “snow” or scented with cinnamon. If you’re looking to get a little down and dirty, you can also simply collect pine cones right outside for a free, elegant way to decorate your winter wedding. winter wedding decorations with pine cones

winter wedding decoration ideas with pine cones

winter wedding ceremony chair decoration ideas with pine cones

winter diy wedding place cards with pine cones

pine cones wedding decoration ideas for winter

pine cones and lights winter wedding decorations

diy winter wedding escort card with pine cones

Brides | Confetti Day Dreams | Brides Magazine | Happy Wedd

Oh Best Day Ever Pine Cone Recommendations

Best Toy Home Set of 20 Pine Cones 

besttoyhome 20-Piece Snow Tipped Real Natural Dried Pine Cones Frosted Pinecones Ornaments

Frosted pine cone gives that winter wonderland feels indoors during your wedding reception. You can find this incredible 20-piece set of pine cones right on Amazon for under $20. Saves you a lot of time and energy hunting for your own pine cones outside too!

Bulk Package of Natural Pine Cones – 24 Pack 

Bulk Package of Natural Pinecones-24 Pack

If you’re looking for just standard, simple orange looking pine cones, this bulk pack is a great option. Whether you’re want to incorporate pine cones in your flowers for winter wedding or table settings, this bulk pack is an affordable way to get that rustic, natural element in your winter wedding decor.

Evergreen Elegance

Evergreen is a beautiful way to add some greenery and break up the white that tends to follow winter weddings. Not only does evergreen look amazing, but it smells beautiful as well.

There’s a lot of ways you can incorporate evergreen into your winter wedding. Some popular ways are featuring it in your flowers for winter wedding, table settings, or with the menu.

Below, we’ve shown a variety of winter wedding photos that incorporate fresh evergreen sprigs into winter weddings including decorations for a little seasonal texture and a subtle whiff of everybody’s favorite crisp, pine scent.
elegant winter evergreen wedding decoration ideas

winter wedding place setting ideas

winter wedding favor ideas

winter wedding place settings

winter evergreen and tree stumps wedding decoration ideas

elegant evergreen winter wedding invitations

chic modern wedding place setting ideas

Brit | My Wedding | Hey Wedding Lady | Fab Mood | 100 Layer Cake

Oh Best Day Ever Evergreen Recommendations

Jarown Christmas Artificial Pine Branch 

JAROWN Christmas Artificial Pine Branches for Decorating 25pcs 10 Inches with Gift

Real evergreen can start getting expensive, especially if you’re using it in an abundance at your wedding. If you’re looking for the next best thing, this faux evergreen 25 piece bundle features individual evergreen twigs that are perfect for decorating around your winter wedding venue.

Artificial Pine Picks – 16 Piece Set  

Artificial Pine Picks Artificial Plants Small Pine Picks for Flower Arrangements Wreaths and Holiday Decorations(16 pcs)

If you’re looking for some evergreen to feature on your cutlery sets and napkins, this artificial pine stick is absolutely perfect. Featuring little pinecones and a pop of red, this set of 16 artificial pine stems is priced just over $10.

Wedding Wreaths

Wreaths are a stunning way to incorporate flowers for winter wedding and add some extra greenery and decor to windows, walls, and throughout your winter wedding venue.

Decorating your ceremony and reception space with lush wreaths made of cascading vines and cream-colored wisteria for a whimsical touch to your winter affair.

You’ll see through our favorite winter wedding wreath photos, incorporating simple green eucalyptus or evergreen with touches of other colored flowers is a simple and elegant way to incorporate wreaths in your winter wedding.
greenery wreaths winter wedding decoration ideas

winter wedding photography with greenery wreath

rustic winter wedding wreaths

greenery wreath wedding decoration ideas

greenery wedding wreath for winter

festival wedding wreath decoration ideas

eucalyptus winter wedding wreath decorations

The Knot | Elegant Wedding Invites | Rustic Wedding Chic | Style Me Pretty

Oh Best Day Ever Wreaths Recommendations

Soyee Artificial Eucalyptus Garland

Soyee Artificial Eucalyptus Garland 12FT

Garland is a popular way to take your reception table to the next level or easy to assemble into a stunning wreath. This Artificial Eucalyptus Garland is great not only for your reception table but for arches, around ceremony chairs, but especially perfect for creating your own flowers for winter wedding or winter wedding wreath.

Skrantun 20″ Christmas Wreath

Skrantun 20 Inch Christmas Wreath Winter Wreath for Front Door White Berry Wreath with Pine Branches and Pine Cone Christmas Decorations with Artificial Snow

This stunning winter wreath features wintry lightly glittered snow-tipped branches, green silk leaves, pine cones, and white berries. It’s the perfect winter wedding wreath all ready to go and just over $25!

Northlight 24″ Green and Brown Flocked Angel Pine Wreath

Flocked White Wreath

Another one of our favorites, this Northlight 24″ wreath is absolutely stunning and features a simple design of just a few pine cones and frosted tips. It’s a lush wreath that looks incredibly elegant displayed throughout your winter wedding venue.

Hot Chocolate Bar

There are some small details that truly take a wedding to the next level and a Hot Chocolate Bar is one of those things.

Especially when it comes to winter weddings, regardless if your winter wedding venue is inside or not, setting up a hot chocolate bar will add that extra layer of cozy feel to your winter wedding reception.

Especially after dinner, guests tend to crave something sweet. To compliment your delicious wedding cake, hot chocolate is the perfect warm pick-me-up after dinner.

Hot chocolate bars can also be incredibly fun as well! Set up a hot chocolate bar with marshmallows, candy cane spoons, and extra chocolate toppings that’ll keep your guests cozy all night.
winter wedding hot chocolate bar reception ideas

winter wedding reception ideas hot chocolate bar

winter wedding hot chocolate bar

rustic wedding reception hot chocolate bar

hot chocolate drink station for winter weddings

hot chocolate bar ideas for winter weddings

hot chocolate bar for winter wedding ideas

Something Turquoise | Crazy Forus | The Knot | Stone Wood Vintage

Oh Best Day Ever Candle and Lighting Recommendations

Average Joe Disposable Coffee Cups – 120 Pack 

Average Joe Disposable Coffee Cups with Lids - 120 Pack

Want to make your hot chocolate bar look legit? Pick up this Average Joe 120 pack cup and coaster set and take your hot chocolate bar to the next level. What’s great about these plain coasters is that if you ever wanted to order some custom stickers for your wedding, you can still add a personal touch without spending much money at all.

Melville Peppermint Cocoa Stirrers   

Melvilles Gourmet Hot Beverage Complements Chocolate Peppermint Stirrer 8 Ct

Hot Chocolate Bars can be fun and for just a couple of dollars, you can get tons of little additions to make your winter wedding hot chocolate the best your guests have ever had. This set of Melville Peppermint Cocoa Stirrers will truly transform your wedding hot chocolate from ordinary to extraordinary!

Craig Bachman Vintage Hot Cocoa Sign

Craig Bachman 12 Inch Square MDF Printed Sign Vintage Hot Cocoa Theme

I absolutely adore this Hot Cocoa sign and think it’s the perfect way to advertise your hot chocolate bar in your winter wedding venue. Set up a small table, your disposable cups, extra hot chocolate toppings, and display this sign and you’ll have your guests lined up ready for their hot chocolate in no time!

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The 15 Best Winter Wedding Favor Ideas

Hi winter brides!! It’s soooo great to have a winter wonderland wedding, right? It’s the definition of romance with snowflakes, shawls and snuggles. With the winter months approaching, how is your wedding planning and have you decided the winter wedding favors? Your favors may be something that your guests will actually use, and express the wonderland wedding atmosphere as well. Here’re some great winter wedding favor ideas to steal.

trending winter wedding favor ideas

winter wedding favor ideas

unique mugs as wedding favors

olive oil wedding favor ideas

mini champagnes for winter wedding favors

knit gloves as winter wedding favors

hot drink winter wedding favor ideas

hot chocolate tube winter wedding favors

wedding favor ideas for winter

20 Inspiring Winter Wedding Centerpieces for Your Big Day

When it comes to winter wonderland weddings, those glitter covered everything, blue uplighting and white everything jump into my mind. These fairy days are all about creativity and doing something with unexpected twist. Today I’m sharing some gorgeous winter wedding centerpieces, which your guests can really feel. Check them out and get inspired ?

winter wedding centerpieces ideas for 2018 and 2019

winter wedding centerpiece with candles

winter wedding centerpiece ideas

winter greenery wedding centerpieces with candle lights

winter berries and greenery wedding centerpieces

white blush and gold winter wedding centerpiece

white and green lantern wedding centerpiece

white and silver winter wedding centerpiece

simple elegant winter wedding centerpiece with lanterns

simple and elegant winter wedding centerpiece ideas with candles

winter wedding centerpiece ideas for 2018 and 2019

Dusty Blue Winter Beach Wedding Color Ideas

Seaside and winter aren’t necessarily two words I associate; however, upon viewing these oceanside images, my point of view is now permenantly changed. Elegant Ever After Floral Design blooms compliment the soft sunset, while snuggles are encouraged fireside. Every single detail will sweep you off your feet here. Check out this amazing blue beachside wedding inspiration and get inspired.

dusty blue and sand winter beachside wedding color ideas

shades of blue and white wedding bouquet

shades of blue wedding table settings

winter beach themed dusty blue and sand wedding ideas

winter beachside wedding 2

winter beachside wedding

winter wedding ideas

Photography-Melanie Gabrielle | Floral Design-Ever After Floral Design | Beachside-Red Reef Park

50+ Drop Dead Gorgeous Winter Wedding Ideas for 2017

Filled with pretty snowflakes, festive decorations and hot drinks, winter is the most romantic season in my eyes, and of course also a popular season for wedding events. Whether you’re planning a full Christmas-themed wedding with seven-foot trees, sleigh-rides and mulled wine, or simply a wintry bash with white details and a nod to the chilly weather, this time of year is just ripe with inspiration. Check out these gorgeous winter wedding ideas and get inspired!

  • Winter Wedding Invitations

winter wedding invitation ideas for 2017 trends

Wedding Forward | 100 Layer Cake | The Knot | Brit | ETSY

  • Winter Wedding Bouquets

wedding bouquets for winter wedding ideas 2017

Mon Cheri Bridals | Belle The Magazine | Wedding Forward | Wedding Ideas Mag | Perfect Wedding Guide | 100 Layer Cake | Discover Wedding

20 Perfect Centerpieces for Romantic Winter Wedding Ideas

While summer and fall brides seem to get most of the attention on wedding planning, there are really thousands ways to create a dreamy wedding in the winter than you can image. From snowy kisses to candlelit and cinnamon scented rooms and warming hot chocolate bars, winter wedding ideas are truly some of our favorites. What we have today is the winter wedding centerpieces.

20 perfect winter wedding centerpiece ideas

For those of you brides planning a winter wedding, let me know your theme in the comment!

all white winter tall wedding centerpieces

Photo by Catherine Mead Photography via Belle the Magazine

birch trees inspired winter wedding centerpieces with candles candle and lantern winter wedding centerpiece ideas

Via Deer Pearl Flowers|Happy Wedd

baby's breath inspired winter wedding centerpieces

via Tulle & Chantilly

centerpiece ideas for romantic winter wedding elegant lantern winter wedding centerpieces

via Wedding Forward

classic wedding centerpieces for winter wedding ideas

Photo by Ely Fair Photography via Style Me Pretty

pinecones inspired rustic winter wedding centerpieces simple and elegant winter wedding centerpieces with candles

Via Domino

Christmas treeinspired winter wedding centerpieces tall

Via Tulle & Chantilly

wedding centerpiece ideas for a cozy winter wedding winter wedding centerpieces with candles

via Colin Cowie Weddings

elegant winter wedding table settings centerpiece ideas

Photo by Danielle Nowak

winter glam wedding centerpieces winter wedding centerpiece inspired by candles and pinecones

via Wedding Bells

PineCones and candles inspired winter wedding centerpieces

Photo by Needle and Thread via Mod Wedding

romantic winter wedding centerpieces with flowers

Photo by Kenan From Les Loups via Style Me Pretty

small pine trees chic rustic winter wedding centerpieces

spectacular tall winter wedding centerpiece ideas

Photo by Agaton Strom via Mod Wedding