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spectacular vintage diamonds wedding engagement ring

20 Vintage Engagement Rings That Will Melt Your Heart

Vintage engagement rings perfectly fit girls who likes classics. As for what defines a ring as a “vintage” aesthetic, it’s truly all in the details. Floral motifs, twisted bands, and different beautiful gemstones give a ring an old-world feel. Vintage-inspired rings will always look trendy and classic that will never

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18 Trendy Wedding Engagement Rings for 2021 Brides

Your engagement ring isn’t the only special piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing on your wedding day—your wedding band, too, should be as unique and special as your engagement ring! After all, while the engagement ring represents a promise, the wedding ring seals the deal. Long gone are the days

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vintage engagement ring with wedding band

18 Brilliant Vintage Wedding Engagement Rings

When it comes to weddings and engagements, there’s an endless amount of virtual inspiration available, and it’s easy to get caught up in trendy ideas. However, there’s something to be said about shunning modern trends in favor of a vintage. All weddings begin with one very important event: the proposal.

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vintage sparkle rose gold wedding engagement ring

20 Amazing Wedding Engagement Rings for 2017 Trends

Getting engaged is such an exciting time in life, and your special ring is something that you will wear forever. One of a kind and once in a lifetime, engagement rings is special kind of jewelry. Hand crafted, halo, vintage or rose gold – shopping for an engagement ring can

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