My husband and I were married in February 2022, and we employed Elope Tampa Bay (ETB) as our wedding planner. We are saddened we must give them a below-average rating due to how they have behaved toward us post-wedding. It all boils down to ETB’s refusal to take accountability in honoring our current contract and their responsibility to us as their clients.
Our pre-wedding preparations and wedding day went smoothly. Our wedding coordinator and the vendors were kind and made us feel good on our wedding day. Since ETB offers an all-inclusive wedding package, they hired all but one of our vendors. We were pleased with the services of the officiant, florist, and pastry chef vendors. Unfortunately, we are displeased with the services of the photographer and videographer.
Before signing the wedding contract, ETB was made aware we needed a photographer who was apt in photographing darker skin tone subjects with a setting sun in the background. ETB assured us they had photographers who were “great at shooting different skin tones during different times of day and elements.” So, we paid for a “deluxe” wedding package plus cinematography. After viewing our sneak peek wedding photos, we expressed to the photographer we were not happy with the photo edits mostly due to improper light management. We communicated we didn’t like the editing because the photos were not a good representation of my, my husband’s, and our wedding guests’ true skin complexions (in the photos our skin tones appear much darker than they are; see example photo attached). The photographer did little to correct the lighting issue. Once we received the full wedding gallery, we promptly notified ETB we were dissatisfied with the photo edits, and they told us via email they’ll do everything they can to make us happy.
We were happy with the initial progress made on the video edits, but we noticed technical imperfections such as an errant video clip of the ground and missing relevant ceremonial content from the highlight reel, which was corrected after being brought to the videographer’s attention. After rewatching the updated films, we also noticed static in some of the ceremony audio. A request to eliminate the static, as well as add specified footage and rearrange content in the highlight film was met with a demand for additional payment. This came as a complete shock because the deluxe cinematography package advertises a 4 to 5-minute highlight film will be provided and our video is 3:09.
My husband and I have been saddled with unproductive back and forth email exchanges with ETB without resolution. ETB’s latest attempt to have us sign a general release of liability before they release our revised photo edits is earnestly disappointing. As of today’s posting, we have yet to receive a response to our last email sent nearly two weeks ago.
Buyer, please beware. In our opinion, we have not received the high-quality photography and videography services they claim to offer. We have carefully communicated our feelings and dissatisfaction with the photography and videography edits as we believe it to be subpar and unfinished work that deviates from the guarantees made on their website, in the wedding contract, and in subsequent emails. For ETB to ask us to sign a liability waiver when they haven’t honored the first contract adds insult to injury.
We cannot in good faith recommend ETB or their preferred vendors. Things started well but have ended poorly. This has truly been a disappointing wedding experience for us – the very experience they’ve declared they do not want couples to have. It is unfortunate the lasting memories we will have of our wedding day are photos and videos that do not meet expectations.
Our hope for ETB to honor our contract and finish what they started and committed to has waned. Thus, our next step is to warn other couples with our review. If you decide to move forward with hiring ETB, hopefully, you’ll have a much better experience than we’re having.

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